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Lunch Boxes and Love: Trinity UMC’s Campus Connection

On this past Monday and Tuesday, May 6th and 7th, something truly heartwarming took place with our beloved Trinity United Methodist Church. Over those two days, our congregation banded together in a beautiful act of community service, distributing a total of 80 lunch boxes to the hardworking students of The College of New Jersey. It was a gesture that spoke volumes about the compassion and generosity that defines our church family.

A beam of hope…

As you already may know, I am attending the 2020 United Methodist Church General Conference as a guest observer during these days. As we gather in Charlotte, North Carolina, the air buzzes with excitement. 

We haven’t reached the end of the world (yet)

Alright, let’s break it down. We’ve had some pretty wild stuff happen lately—like that total eclipse that turned day into night across the US, and even an earthquake shaking things up in New Jersey, which, by the way, isn’t exactly a hotspot for earthquakes. Plus, all the usual scary news about wars and rumors of wars. But despite all that, we’re still here. The world hasn’t called it quits on us yet.

Let us serve the table for our young neighbors!

Our church, Trinity UMC, embodies a vibrant community deeply rooted in social justice and inclusivity. While possessing strong values, we want to keep establishing robust connections with The College of New Jersey’s (TCNJ) student body, recognizing this as an imperative opportunity to exemplify our values and cultivate an inclusive atmosphere. 

Don’t call us, we will call you

I recently came across a trend on social media in which content creators complain about the practice of some companies to use the sentence “don’t call us… We’ll call you,” as a euphemism for “you are not continuing the process,” when a job interview goes bad. 

Are We Spiritually Mature?

For some time now, sadly, spiritual maturity has been associated with important leadership positions in congregations or with great theological knowledge and eloquence by people in the church. This vision, without a doubt, is highly harmful to the proper development of life through the Gospel.


Baptism in the United Methodist Church: Grace from God

Let us start by stating that the Sacraments are the expression of God’s Grace and God’s unconditional love. Therefore, these are undeserved gifts from God to humankind. Sacraments differ from ordinances because Sacraments are God’s actions (gifts), but ordinances are humans’ actions (obedience). This aspect differentiates the Methodist understanding of baptism from other Christian beliefs, for example.

Merry Christmas

Scandal: The God who became human

Without any doubt, one of the most beautiful names of Jesus is ‘Immanuel’, God with us. I never cease to marvel at being able to come closer to understanding the scandalous nature of a God, who did not ask us to ‘divinize’ ourselves, because recognized our inability to do so; but rather, the Divine became human. That same God taught us in his life that the broad path is hatred and that excellence is in love.


Some Advent Considerations (Part II)

Mary | Thanks be to God for fixing their eyes on that virtuous woman, who embraced the child in her womb and led him with love, dedication, and hope. Through her lineage, salvation came to the world, thus becoming an example to follow for thousands of generations; not only for being the bearer of good news in the fruit within her, but for her actions and faith in God which were magnified by the gracious Father in heaven.

If God is the Lord of hosts, then God’s Son is the Prince of Peace (Part II)

On the one hand, there is a group of believers who maintain that God indeed ordered each of the wars described in the biblical text, with all their barbarities, attacks, children dashed against rocks, etc. Most of those who defend this idea explain that God manifested himself in one way in the Hebrew Bible and in a different way in the New Testament, being the same God, but with different plans for each moment in history

Jesus was a refugee

I see on television and social media the atrocious images of terrified people seeking refuge after having risked their lives crossing the sea aboard small paper boats. Behind them is death that awaits them with its jaws open once again. Ahead, they find fences erected by governments that exude fear of the different, ordering their lackeys to repel the avalanche of nobodies. And I can only remember Jesus of Nazareth…

When prayers do not change circumstances

Many words have been dedicated to understanding matters around prayer. Almost every current of Christianity has a different position on its power or its applicability. Many debates even arise in different media, leading to heated discussions about the relevance of praying in one way or another according to the biblical mandate or personal and community experiences.