Let us serve the table for our young neighbors!

Our church, Trinity UMC, embodies a vibrant community deeply rooted in social justice and inclusivity. While possessing strong values, we want to keep establishing robust connections with The College of New Jersey’s (TCNJ) student body, recognizing this as an imperative opportunity to exemplify our values and cultivate an inclusive atmosphere. 

Before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Trinity had successfully fostered a dedicated cohort of around half a dozen TCNJ students, all of whom championed LGBTQ+ or Queer inclusivity and actively engaged in church services and community activities. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Trinity remains steadfast in our commitment to authentically engage with TCNJ students, recognizing the untapped potential of these connections and actively seeking to expand our outreach efforts. 

Through purposeful outreach initiatives and tailored programming, Trinity UMC endeavors to engage students meaningfully, providing avenues for involvement and fostering connections within the church community. Today, I would like to propose to open a space in which our church community will serve a table for the students.

Moreover, Trinity’s dedication to campus ministry remained unwavering even amid the pandemic’s obstacles. Through our campus ministry server, our congregation prioritized keeping campus ministry at the forefront of our mission, aiming to carry forward this legacy. This endeavor served as the catalyst for the inception of “Around the Table” in collaboration with the Lutheran Church in Ewing. This innovative partnership aimed to provide a space where students from diverse backgrounds could convene for fellowship, dialogue, and spiritual exploration. 

As Trinity prepares to host two specialized dinners for TCNJ students with the support of Mosaic Ministries’ grant, which has been already approved, these events mark a significant opportunity for our church to advance our campus ministry initiatives and fortify our ties with the student community. One dinner will be on site (Trinity’s facilities), and the other one will be a dinner to go which seeks to find the students where they are on campus.

The forthcoming dinners, made feasible by Mosaic’s grant, present Trinity’s pastors and congregation members with a unique opportunity to engage with TCNJ students in an environment imbued with Christian fellowship. These gatherings will facilitate enriching conversations and afford participants the chance to embody Methodist values such as love and compassion. Beyond merely providing nourishment, these dinners will serve as conduits for building relationships and nurturing a sense of belonging among attendees.

They epitomize Trinity’s unwavering commitment to extending hospitality and service to the broader community, serving as tangible manifestations of our mission to promote love and inclusion.

More information is coming soon. Join us!


Pastor David Gaitan

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