Trinity UMC in Ewing NJ

Prophets without honor

In Mark 6:1-13, Jesus says, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” This statement is not a rule, but a description of reality. It reflects the difficulty a prophet...

We have reasons to celebrate!

It is with great joy and excitement that I would like to share with you some wonderful news and upcoming events that give us many reasons to celebrate as a community. The start of this new appointment year has already brought positive challenges and opportunities for our beloved Trinity UMC.

One year…

This week marks a significant moment for us as I reflect on completing my first year as the pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Ewing, New Jersey. It has been a year filled with profound gratitude and honor to serve alongside the incredible leadership and loving community of our congregation. From the outset, I have felt blessed by the opportunity God has given me to be part of this spiritual family, and the journey we have embarked upon together has been nothing short of transformative.

Ebenezer: Up to here the Lord has helped us

As I sit here, gazing at the breathtaking sunset captured in this image, I am reminded of the greatness of our God. This vacation has been a time of rest, reflection, and spiritual renewal—a gift that has refilled my spirit and allowed me to appreciate the goodness that surrounds us.

Embracing Change: Relevance for New Generations

During the 2024 Annual Conference of the Greater New Jersey, held at the Wildwood Convention Center from May 19 to 21, clergy, laity, and leaders gathered to discuss the future of the church. One of the central themes was how to remain relevant and appealing to younger generations. The statistics are clear: the average age of clergy within the UMC is 57 years old, and the laity follows a similar trend. As we look toward the future, it’s essential to recognize that younger generations have different expectations, preferences, and needs.

Let us not leave the Earth to the cockroaches

In a world where the resistance of cockroaches is ironically heralded, humanity stands at a crossroads. These creatures, often despised, have become a symbol of survival in the face of our own destructive tendencies. It’s a stark reminder that our actions have consequences far beyond our immediate perception.

Lunch Boxes and Love: Trinity UMC’s Campus Connection

On this past Monday and Tuesday, May 6th and 7th, something truly heartwarming took place with our beloved Trinity United Methodist Church. Over those two days, our congregation banded together in a beautiful act of community service, distributing a total of 80 lunch boxes to the hardworking students of The College of New Jersey. It was a gesture that spoke volumes about the compassion and generosity that defines our church family.

A beam of hope…

As you already may know, I am attending the 2020 United Methodist Church General Conference as a guest observer during these days. As we gather in Charlotte, North Carolina, the air buzzes with excitement. 

Hope shines upon us

A few days ago, our neighbor, Curtis, took and shared this photo with us. 

Throughout history, we, as Christians, have looked to the rainbow as a symbol of hope and promise. When rain clears and sunlight breaks through, it forms a stunning arc of colors across the sky. Many see this as a message from a higher power, a sign of assurance after a storm. The rainbow’s appearance after rain is like a gentle reminder that despite hardships and challenges, there’s always a brighter tomorrow.

We haven’t reached the end of the world (yet)

Alright, let’s break it down. We’ve had some pretty wild stuff happen lately—like that total eclipse that turned day into night across the US, and even an earthquake shaking things up in New Jersey, which, by the way, isn’t exactly a hotspot for earthquakes. Plus, all the usual scary news about wars and rumors of wars. But despite all that, we’re still here. The world hasn’t called it quits on us yet.

Together We Can!

We are dreaming, praying, and working hard for our Trinity UMC, being all about spreading love, kindness, and including everyone, both in our church family and in the wider community to the family of God.

Let us serve the table for our young neighbors!

Our church, Trinity UMC, embodies a vibrant community deeply rooted in social justice and inclusivity. While possessing strong values, we want to keep establishing robust connections with The College of New Jersey’s (TCNJ) student body, recognizing this as an imperative opportunity to exemplify our values and cultivate an inclusive atmosphere.