A beam of hope…

As you already may know, I am attending the 2020 United Methodist Church General Conference as a guest observer during these days. As we gather in Charlotte, North Carolina, the air buzzes with excitement. 

Picture this: faithful souls, representing diverse backgrounds, huddled together under the warm sun. Our purpose? To shape the course of our beloved church. This gathering, postponed due to the pandemic, now unfolds in 2024, like a long-awaited sunrise.

Why the joy? Because we’re witnessing history. The UMC, like a ship adjusting its sails, is steering toward a horizon of full love and inclusion. Step by step, the church dismantles barriers, embraces the marginalized, and extends grace to all. It’s a dance—a rhythm of acceptance, where every soul finds a place at the table.

And here’s the groundbreaking news: Without debate, the General Conference has removed The United Methodist Church’s ban on the ordination of clergy who are “self-avowed practicing homosexuals.” This prohibition, dating back to 1984, is no more. Also, the harmful language against LGBTQ+ people that once was part of our Book of Discipline is being erased.

Moreover, the legislation of regionalization has been approved. It grants autonomy to different regions within the UMC to tailor their ministry and modify the Book of Discipline according to their unique needs. This shift acknowledges that our global church is vibrant, woven from diverse threads, each contributing to the beautiful whole. However, the journey isn’t complete. This Constitutional decision made here in Charlotte must now be confirmed by Annual Conferences around the world. Let us keep praying that our collective voice will echo through time, shaping the path forward. So, let us also raise our voices, sing our alleluias, and know that we’re part of a grand narrative—a tale of love, justice, and hope.

May this conference be a mosaic of grace, where the threads of history weave a brighter future. And as the sun sets over Charlotte, let our joy echo through the ages: “We were there. We witnessed love unfolding.” The General Conference hasn’t ended yet, but our beloved Church is facing our future with love and hope. 

As we continue our journey of faith, I’m thrilled to share a momentous occasion with you. This Sunday, May 5th, at Trinity United Methodist Church in Ewing, New Jersey, we will celebrate our first bilingual service in both Spanish and English.

Imagine the sanctuary adorned with vibrant hues, echoing with harmonies from two languages. Our hearts will beat as one, bridging cultures, traditions, and stories. This isn’t merely a gathering; it’s a celebration of unity with love and understanding.

Invite your Spanish-speaking friends, extend your hand, and say, “Ven conmigo.” Let’s create a space where everyone feels at home, where language barriers dissolve, and where grace flows freely. This is more than a service; it’s an invitation to inclusion, a proclamation that every voice matters.

So, mark your calendars, prepare your hearts, and join us at Trinity UMC. Together, we’ll weave a beautiful mosaic of faith—one that transcends borders and embraces all. ¡Bienvenidos!


Rev. David Gaitan

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