Hope shines upon us

A few days ago, our neighbor, Curtis, took and shared this photo with us. 

Throughout history, we, as Christians, have looked to the rainbow as a symbol of hope and promise. When rain clears and sunlight breaks through, it forms a stunning arc of colors across the sky. Many see this as a message from a higher power, a sign of assurance after a storm. The rainbow’s appearance after rain is like a gentle reminder that despite hardships and challenges, there’s always a brighter tomorrow. 

It’s a symbol of promise by God, telling us that no matter how tough things may seem, destruction is not the end. Instead, it signals renewal and the possibility of a better future. It’s as if the rainbow is saying, “Look, even after the darkest times, there’s beauty and joy ahead.” This belief has been woven into various cultures and religions, representing the enduring hope that sustains us through trials. So, whenever we see a rainbow stretching across the sky, it’s a loving message from the Divine, reassuring us that we’re not alone and that there is always a reason to keep moving forward with hope and courage.

The rainbow has evolved into a powerful symbol of hope and inclusion as well, especially for those facing oppression due to their identity. For many marginalized communities, the rainbow flag represents a beacon of solidarity and acceptance. It’s a vibrant reminder that they are not alone in their struggles and that there’s a community ready to embrace them for who they are. In a world where discrimination and prejudice still exist, the rainbow flag stands as a symbol of defiance and resilience. It declares that love knows no bounds and that everyone deserves to live authentically without fear of judgment or persecution.

The rainbow’s message of inclusivity for LGBTQ+ individuals, also encompasses anyone who feels marginalized or misunderstood. It embodies the idea that diversity should be celebrated rather than suppressed. When people see the rainbow flag waving proudly, it sends a powerful message of hope and affirmation, promising a future where everyone is valued and accepted for their true selves. In this way, the rainbow serves as a universal emblem of love, unity, and the ongoing fight for equality.

We thank our neighbor for capturing the beautiful rainbow over our church. His thoughtful gesture means a lot to us. It’s heartening to see others recognize the significance of this symbol for our community. It serves as a reminder of the positivity and hope we strive to embody, making our impact felt beyond our immediate surroundings. His photo not only captures a moment of natural beauty but also highlights the importance of unity and resilience in our shared journey. We deeply appreciate his kindness.


Rev. David Gaitan

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