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Let us serve the table for our young neighbors!

Our church, Trinity UMC, embodies a vibrant community deeply rooted in social justice and inclusivity. While possessing strong values, we want to keep establishing robust connections with The College of New Jersey’s (TCNJ) student body, recognizing this as an imperative opportunity to exemplify our values and cultivate an inclusive atmosphere. 

Don’t call us, we will call you

I recently came across a trend on social media in which content creators complain about the practice of some companies to use the sentence “don’t call us… We’ll call you,” as a euphemism for “you are not continuing the process,” when a job interview goes bad. 

Merry Christmas

Scandal: The God who became human

Without any doubt, one of the most beautiful names of Jesus is ‘Immanuel’, God with us. I never cease to marvel at being able to come closer to understanding the scandalous nature of a God, who did not ask us to ‘divinize’ ourselves, because recognized our inability to do so; but rather, the Divine became human. That same God taught us in his life that the broad path is hatred and that excellence is in love.


Some Advent Considerations (Part II)

Mary | Thanks be to God for fixing their eyes on that virtuous woman, who embraced the child in her womb and led him with love, dedication, and hope. Through her lineage, salvation came to the world, thus becoming an example to follow for thousands of generations; not only for being the bearer of good news in the fruit within her, but for her actions and faith in God which were magnified by the gracious Father in heaven.

If God is the Lord of hosts, then God’s Son is the Prince of Peace (Part II)

On the one hand, there is a group of believers who maintain that God indeed ordered each of the wars described in the biblical text, with all their barbarities, attacks, children dashed against rocks, etc. Most of those who defend this idea explain that God manifested himself in one way in the Hebrew Bible and in a different way in the New Testament, being the same God, but with different plans for each moment in history

When prayers do not change circumstances

Many words have been dedicated to understanding matters around prayer. Almost every current of Christianity has a different position on its power or its applicability. Many debates even arise in different media, leading to heated discussions about the relevance of praying in one way or another according to the biblical mandate or personal and community experiences.

Why a dove?

It is curious (to say the least) that, according to the gospels and in the context of the baptism of Jesus of Nazareth, the Divine manifests the Holy Spirit by flying like a dove. Having any animal symbol or metaphor available, God chooses that one.