Some Advent Considerations (Part II)



Thanks be to God for fixing their eyes on that virtuous woman, who embraced the child in her womb and led him with love, dedication, and hope. Through her lineage, salvation came to the world, thus becoming an example to follow for thousands of generations; not only for being the bearer of good news in the fruit within her, but for her actions and faith in God which were magnified by the gracious Father in heaven.

Mary, strong and determined, bravely faced rejection due to her vulnerable condition, not only and mainly for being a woman, but for expecting a child before marrying her fiancé. But who with dedication understood that from the lowly things and the despised things of this world, God chose that which would shame kings (1 Corinthians 1:28-29).

Likewise, our gratitude to the good God of heaven for presenting us in Joseph as the greatest example of trust and obedience to the Father despite the adversities and anguish caused by doubt. A man who, in the midst of poverty, took the bread out of his mouth to share it with that son who was not his, but whom he adopted to teach him the kind way of the Lord.

This carpenter was willing to understand that the law was for the benefit of humanity and not humanity’s slave to the rules. That is why he did not throw his pregnant fiancé to stoning, as should have been done, but loving her, he believed in her and with his arms he received the promised Messiah. Thus he had the honor of witnessing the promise of heaven come true through the incarnation of the Divine into a baby, and bringing supreme hope to a hurting world.

Let’s pray:

You, oh sovereign God, who in the body of a fragile baby exposed yourself to the threats of this world out of love and with the goal of being a seed of salvation, teach us to find you in the vulnerability, fragility and tenderness of those who need protection and beware.

Likewise, guide us on the path of living trusting that the Divine takes care of us and, consequently, we will also be able to fulfill the mission that you entrusted to us with your example since your childhood, understanding that our arms are those same of God and our hands are those same of the Holy Spirit to heal and help just as one day we were healed and even today we find comfort. Amen


Pr. David David

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