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Don’t call us, we will call you

I recently came across a trend on social media in which content creators complain about the practice of some companies to use the sentence “don’t call us… We’ll call you,” as a euphemism for “you are not continuing the process,” when a job interview goes bad. 

Are We Spiritually Mature?

For some time now, sadly, spiritual maturity has been associated with important leadership positions in congregations or with great theological knowledge and eloquence by people in the church. This vision, without a doubt, is highly harmful to the proper development of life through the Gospel.

Merry Christmas

Scandal: The God who became human

Without any doubt, one of the most beautiful names of Jesus is ‘Immanuel’, God with us. I never cease to marvel at being able to come closer to understanding the scandalous nature of a God, who did not ask us to ‘divinize’ ourselves, because recognized our inability to do so; but rather, the Divine became human. That same God taught us in his life that the broad path is hatred and that excellence is in love.


Some Advent Considerations (Part II)

Mary | Thanks be to God for fixing their eyes on that virtuous woman, who embraced the child in her womb and led him with love, dedication, and hope. Through her lineage, salvation came to the world, thus becoming an example to follow for thousands of generations; not only for being the bearer of good news in the fruit within her, but for her actions and faith in God which were magnified by the gracious Father in heaven.

Some Advent Considerations (Part I)

In the beginning was the Word, who was not only with God, but was God; an eternal mystery that tells us about the most complete and beautiful relationship of all, love.

Image Silent Night / Advent

Silent Night / Noche de Paz

As we are getting into the Advent season, we can take this opportunity to reflect on the meanings of a God who decides to become as a human being and embody the Word (John 1). Perhaps, we can read that Word incarnate through the life that was lived by Jesus, the carpenter of Galilee.

The name of Jesus is not a ‘talisman’

Using the phrase “in the name of Jesus,” has become a Christian catchphrase that cannot be ignored in any prayer, declaration, decree, preaching, event, sermon, etc. For many years, it has been believed that this phrase has a certain mystical or powerful charge in the spiritual world, and its misuse can cause prayers to be ineffective, or simply ignored by God.