Some Advent Considerations (Part I)

In the beginning was the Word, who was not only with God, but was God; an eternal mystery that tells us about the most complete and beautiful relationship of all, love.

Thus, out of love, that Word did not consider being equal to God something to cling to, but rather the Divine emptied, taking the vulnerability and weakness of a baby, so that through that sacrifice and show of love upon becoming human, the Word would experience pain, sadness, cold, hunger, rejection, as well as the fun of tickling in the body, hope, and tenderness. All because from eternity the Divine knew that we needed and still need a Savior, a High Priest who mercifully has compassion on us.

In this way, in our own words and with a familiar, human body, the Word showed us the Father in heaven, whom no one had seen, but who manifested all the Divine characteristics. The incarnate Word came closer and led us to repair the relationship broken by sin and evil. 

This new condition, for the glory of God, brought the Divine among us. God had moved God’s divinity, and through this incarnation, the Eternal humbly taught us the value of humility. As well as the fight against pride and haughtiness for love, for the others, for the community. All to be able to have good defeat evil. What a great gift the baby brought us! The precise guide so that we learn to detach ourselves from ourselves and raise our eyes to see our neighbors. God saved us!

Let’s pray:

Dear God, who also revealed the Divine to us through the person of Jesus, your son, who, out of love and obedience, denied any eternal privilege and, taking human form, came and dwelt among us. There are no words that are enough, nor sayings that can express the feelings of our hearts. That is why we say: Thank you.

When humankind dreamed of being sovereign and kings proposed to be God, you became like humans and were born in a manger, the son of a young virgin in a hidden and forgotten town. With your poverty, you taught us that love is the basis and inspiration of life and forgiveness, the best medicine for the soul. You healed us, taught us, hugged us and saved us. Thank you. To God be the glory! Amen


Pr. David Gaitan

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